Color process images of the MA-01 Vehicle Voltron

Written By: toyfreak - Apr• 15•13


Miracle Productions sent over a couple of snapshots this morning of the paint treatments for the MA-01 die-cast Vehicle Voltron. Included, is an older image, showing the incorrect coloring on the right arm, which has been corrected. $289.99


MA-01 Vehicle Voltron Lower Image


MA-01 Vehicle Voltron Body Image


MA-01 Vehicle Voltron Sword Image


MA-01 Vehicle Voltron Weapons Image





Y-MSF Blue Metallic Godzilla Special Editions!

Written By: toyfreak - Apr• 02•13

Here is the latest from Y-MSF and Steve Ceragioli! This time we have Godzilla 1964, 1965 and 1967 finished in a blue, green metallic and they are beautiful. These are extremely limited, so you better grab yours fast!

Y-MSF Blue Metallic Godzilla Image

Y-MSF Godzilla 1964 Blue Metallic Front Image

Y-MSF Godzilla 1964 Blue Metallic Image

Y-MSF Godzilla 1965 Blue Metallic EX Image

Y-MSF 1965 Blue Metallic Godzilla Rear Image

Y-MSF Godzilla 1967 Blue Metallic Image

Y-MSF Godzilla 1967 Blue Metallic Rear Image

Release details for the new Tamashii GX-62 SOC Danguard Ace

Written By: toyfreak - Apr• 01•13

This all new, Tamashii GX-62 Danguard Ace stands nearly eight inches tall and is deluxe in every way! Beyond the usual high die-cast content and Anime accurate details, this super robot features expanded articulation and a flawless transformation. This fantastic set also includes Danguard’s signature weapons, alternate hands, ships and a display base to bring it all together.  Ships in July for around $135.00.

Tamashii GX-62 SOC Danguard Ace Image

Tamashii GX-62 SOC Danguard Ace Ships Image

Tamashii GX-62 SOC Danguard Ace Stand Image

Tamashii GX-62 SOC Danguard Ace Weapon Image

Tamashii GX-62 SOC Danguard Ace Small Ships Image

Tamashii GX-62 SOC Danguard Ace Head Ship Image

Tamashii GX-62 SOC Danguard Ace Transformed Image

Y-MSF Godzilla and Rodan Metallic Exclusives!

Written By: toyfreak - Mar• 02•13

Here is some more Toho monster goodness from Y-MSF and Steve Ceragioli. This time around we have Godzilla 1962 and Rodan 1955.  Both are finished in a brilliant metallic,  that looks both regal and realistic. The two are designed to display as a set and are very complimentary, with slightly different tones and shades. Y-MSF figures are fantastic toys, but Steve’s painting talents takes them to an all new level. These  numbered,  limited editions are available now. $79.99 each.


Y-MSF Godzilla 62 Metallic Image


Y-MSF Rodan 55 Metallic Image


Y-MSF Godzilla 62 and Rodan 55 Metallic Image

Tamshii MonsterArts Godzilla 1964!

Written By: toyfreak - Mar• 01•13

Here it is-the monster you have been waiting for! Tamashii is kicking off the Shōwa era of figures with this beautifully rendered Godzilla 1964. The sculpt looks fantastic and of course he is fully articulated! This one also features Tamashii’s all new body/shaft design that allows for even greater possibility, with more natural proportions. Available for pre order now $59.99

The Showa era begins!

The Showa era begins!


Tamashii Godzilla 1964 Close Image


Tamashii Godzilla 1964 Dynamic Image


Tamashii Godzilla 1964 Face Image


Tamashii Godzilla 1964 Front Image


Tamashii Godzilla 1964 Length Image


Tamashii Godzilla 1964 Side Image


Tamashii Godzilla 1964  Image



Amazing new Y-MSF Blue Ice Godzillas!

Written By: toyfreak - Feb• 22•13

Designed and manufactured in Japan; Y-MSF figures excel in both detail and accuracy. This small toy company specializes in six inch vinyl figures based on Toho monsters and is often surprising collectors with seldom seen character choices sculpted in very dynamic poses! This latest series was lovingly painted by Mr. Steve Ceragioli in a super cool Blue Ice color scheme, and they are beautiful! Steve has been working his monster magic for a lot of years, and it really shows. These are extremely limited, so if you like your monsters cool, grab them while you can.


Godzilla 1962

Godzilla 1962


Godzilla 1964

Godzilla 1964


Godzilla 1965

Godzilla 1965




Nendoroid Iron Man coming in March!

Written By: toyfreak - Feb• 18•13

Coming in March is this super adorable figure from the super successful Iron Man movies. This Hero’s Edition stands around four inches tall and is made of ABS and PVC plastic. He is super articulated and features Nemdoroid’s trademark super deformed styling. Comes packaged with a miniature city diorama base, repulsor effect parts and a Tony Stark alternate face.


Nendoroid-Iron-Man-Mark-7-Heros-Edition Image


Good Smile Nendoroid Iron Man Image

Tamashii S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 1964

Written By: toyfreak - Feb• 09•13

Unveiled at the latest Tamashii event in Japan is this all new 1964 Godzilla! This is by far, one of the most popular Godzilla designs and is very exciting, since it solidifies that Bandai is indeed going to be producing products based on older series. The Showa era has some very exciting monsters and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next! No release or pricing available yet on Godzilla 64, but it is believed to be a web exclusive. Stay tuned for updates. A special thanks goes to Steven McCarthy for bringing this one to our attention.


Showa Era Godzilla!

Miracle Productions Vehicle Voltron almost ready to ship!

Written By: toyfreak - Feb• 08•13

We have been anxiously waiting for the new Miracle Productions MA-01 Vehicle Voltron, and it looks like it’s finally ready! This ambitious project has definitely seen its fair share of delays, but judging by these latest images; showing the full die cast piece-it’s been worth the wait! Stay tuned for for the fully finished piece, shortly after the Chinese New Year.


Air Team


Land Team


Sea Team

Sea Team


Voltron! Check out all that metal. This guy is heavy!


OMG Donald Duck from Herocross!

Written By: toyfreak - Jan• 27•13

86 Hero is now Herocross, and they have something special planned for figure number six in their  Hybrid Metal Figuration series. This time it’s Donald Duck! This beautiful Disney collectable stands around six inches tall, features twenty points of articulation  and is made almost entirely of high quality die-cast metal! Donald comes packaged with four alternate hands, an “angry” face and a display stand.

This is a must buy for ALL Disney fans!


Love the classic Donald expressions!


The original “angry bird”!


Dancing Donald!


Awesome articulation!


Pre-orders available!